Country Cabin Yoga Retreat

Looking for a way out? A way out of anxiety, disconnection, delusion?

Feeling overweight? And I’m not talking about your BMI. Perhaps the love handles that you carry are those of the emotional baggage you choose to hang onto to keep you feeling safe and in control. Maybe they’re getting a bit heavy — maybe, you want to put them down.

Modern day spiritual teacher Echart Tolle describes that if the history of humanity was a case study in a single human being, he would be described as having chronic delusional thoughts, a propensity towards committing acts of violence against perceived enemies, and criminally insane – with brief wafts of lucid thoughts and behaviours.

I am here in front of you today as a catalyst – a catalyst in your life, because you’re the one who’s reading! A catalyst to the possibility of a different way of being.

I offer you a new MBA – Mind Body Awareness.

Join me in the practice – join me in the movement – I invite you to choose consciousness and choose love.


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